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"Website Sentinel" will soon offer proactive protection against a huge array of cyber attacks, for a small subscription you can have Sentinel protection 24/7 monitoring & actively protecting your website in real time!  When you subscribe to this service and a visitor arrives at your site a sentinel server is instantly called to monitor your websites security & visitors to ensure both their and your own cyber protection.  No sensitive information is ever transferred from your site during this process or at any time.

Our powerful sentinel servers each have a single purpose and that is to identify,  intercept & respond to malicious or hacking attempts as they happen & before damage can be done!

Advanced track & tracing is used to gain & record details of hackers whenever possible and most importantly the hacker will be prevented from continuing their attack.  In the case of a more severe cyber attack such as a DOS (denial of service) attack a Sentinel Server can and will respond with greater force targeting the hacker/s moreover a Sentinel can request one or more additional Sentinel Server/s to assist in overwhelming the attacking server.  Collectively our Sentinels will provide overpowering force.


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